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Clarisketch - Creating messages by combining speech, drawing and photos.

Narrate and illustrate ideas, schemas, photos, diagrams, map routes, situations etc. and share it with friends. Send your link to the sketch via email, Facebook, Google+, Twitter or other social networks. The shared sketch is not a video! It is a special small multimedia format, so the sharing from a mobile device is matter of seconds. It can be played in any browser. Friends and colleagues do not need to install Clarisketch.

Mailing, calling and screen-capping are a time-consuming and often ineffective means of communicating complex processes and procedures. With Clarisketch, you can save time and improve the quality of your message using a combination of photographs and annotated commentary. There are a million and one uses for Clarisketch; the bonus is that friends and co-workers don’t need to install the programme to experience the advantages too.

The application is super easy to use. It contains smart tooltips, which guides user through first steps in the application. It is optimized for tablets as well as for mobile phones.

The application is free and works on Chrome OS and on Android OS version 4.1 Jelly Bean or higher.

The Premium edition offers Material Design, unlimited voice commentary, multi-page comment sketches, shared sketches' administration in Cloud and other improvements. The unlimited voice commentary eliminates the two minutes time limit. Each comment sketch may consist of more pages and every single page may contain a photo or a sketch. The sketches' administration in Cloud enables the user to erase his/her shared sketches from the server.

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Twitter: @clarisketch

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